Aug. 21, 2013

Hi folks,

Wow are you people good at turning weather around! Last week I asked you all to turn on the charm and bring us some real summer weather–voila, here we are. You get instant rewards, beans and tomatoes and cukes are starting to ripen.

Organic cabbage, squash, zucchini, beans, salad greens, celery, cucumbers,and tomatoes

We are starting to hear stories of blight in tomatoes. Let’s hope our garden gets spared for some time to come.So far I feel fairly confident that things will be OK. Apparently blight travels in waves with the weather, starting somewhere south and gradually creeps up to this area. But how fast and how hard we get hit has a lot to do with plant health (excellent) and particular weather combos of warm and rain especially if it is daytime rain. Once the blight hits, there’s not much we can do; the tomatoes might look perfect when they come in and still rot before ripening.

Cabbages are the early type, Jersey Wakefield, best suited to cole slaw or something like that. Celery: don’t forget how good those leaves are for winter seasoning. Just cut them off, wash , bag, and freeze–no blanching required.

In our garden work I have finally finished (more or less) the tomato twining. this ensures that tomatoes don’t sit on the ground where slugs can get them. Now it’s on to the onion harvest; Maike and I made a good start at that today, and I hope to be done by early next week, because potatoes are finally dying back, which means they too are ready for harvest. I anticipate a good potato crop, and the ground that is freed up by their harvest will be prepared for the garlic to go in later this fall.

We also gained a new helper this week. Kaitlin has recently moved to this area. Having apprenticed on two farms already, she is still keen on learning more about all aspects of farming and gardening. On Tuesday we transplanted some  lettuces, fixed the irrigation pump, harvested beans and repaired a fence. Not bad for one day!

`Till next time,


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