Aug. 8, 2013

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the first and hopefully last newsletter ever that is written at 3 a.m. This insane happening is due to the fact that I was determined to finish the garlic harvest, right through to the trimming of the roots, washing, sorting, and hanging of the garlic to dry, and all that took until 3 a.m. to finish. Whew!

Our garlic is on the small side this year, but I think most of it got harvested in a timely manner so quality should be good. Next week we’ll talk about ordering garlic braids for winter storage and/or gifts.

Green onions, sweet peas, apples, potatoes, salad greensYour boxes have our first apples. They are very tart, I think most useful as a muffin or pancake addition. There should be a succession of different apples this season, all the trees are loaded as if to make up for last year’s lack. Also we have sugar snap peas–the sweetest of all peas, so I eat most of mine raw. Both pod and pea are edible, just like the snow peas.

The rest of your box is simple, some green onions, potatoes, and salad greens. Now that the garlic is out, we have spaces in which to plant/transplant fall greens and I hope I have time to secure us good salad mix material well into the fall.
For the rest, the harvest season has begun in earnest–zucchinis and beans from here to eternity, and that means I will be going to market at least two( and later three) days a week.

But not tomorrow, even though I do have stuff to bring to market. Tomorrow I think I’ll try to recoup from this garlic harvest marathon and all the family visits from last weekend.

Till next week, Titia

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