August 29, 2012

Hi everyone,

As you know, different countries have different holidays. And although we in Canada like to celebrate Labour Day, the denizens of the Kingdom of Vegetables celebrate something called “Zucchinifest” this weekend (pronounced zoo-kee-nee). Hence the central component of your boxes is a serious offering of zucchinis. But before I hear too many groans about enough already, let’s look at the food that is customarily served at a Zucchinifest gala dinner. The large green zucchini is meant to be used either for soup (cook, puree, add lemon, yogourt, garlic, parsley, chicken stock) or for the crowning glory of desert: chocolate zucchini cake, for which I, alas, have no time to share a recipe. If you have a good one, pass it along via the comment section below.

The second component of zucchinis are actually scallopinis (cousins) and come in two sizes. The larger one is meant for the famous fried scallopini, onion and apple dish–onions I can give you, but alas, not an apple in sight this year, you’ll have to provide your own. Another tribe likes using these for stuffing on the BBQ, stem side down and cut so it sits flat, the blossom end cap cut off and innards scooped out and filled with whatever, cap back on, put on grill. The smaller ones are for vegetable side dish or appetizer use and should be used FRESH and prepared simply, preferably sauteed gently in butter with garlic.

After the holiday fare, it’s time to get down to the rest of the box. I’m having trouble deciding what NOT to put in your boxes, there’s so much to choose from. Tomatoes won out over potatoes, and large boxes get filet beans which make a fancy salad bean if blanched lightly. I’m pretty insistent on getting everyone to eat their greens (magnesium, iron, etc.) so small boxes get mizuna (check last week’s newsletter) and large get bok choy.

This week at the farm I’ve been adjusting to three days/week at market, the pace is “max plus” now till Thanksgiving. Potato and onions harvests and garlic braiding are my main goals. Unfortunately, for the third time this year, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach when I go down to the garden in the mid day heat: we have simply no water to help the wilting plants, and it’s going on three weeks since that last rain. If Isaac could only spare New Orleans and visit us instead!–but that brings to mind the volatile nature of the hurricane season weather, which often ends in unexpected frost. Still, I’ll take my chances, and the fall garden plants would be fine with that anyway.

We’re at week 10 now, just half way through our season, so lots of good eating still to come.

Enjoy your holidays! T

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