August 8, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Last night the farm finally, finally, got a rainstorm of note: about an inch of rain, which is enough to penetrate the mulch layer and moisten the soil. But I know that Perth saw two other, even larger downpours: one last Wednesday and one this Wednesday: in each case the area the storm hit was so distinct I could see a line in the pavement: rain to the east, Perth direction, and nothing on our side.

I have faith in this particular weather system though and hope I am right in saying that the storm we did get marks the end of the worst drought in 50 years, but we well need another serious downpour to really make that true.

In your boxes you’ll find the first tomatoes and cucumbers, the cucumbers are really showing what drought will do (they are somewhat misshapen and the skins have been marred by squash beetles). But I did persevere and trellis those cukes on the chance things would turn around, so hopefully better quality will come soon.

Also we have lovely basil–it loves the heat. Celery likewise is happy–especially where I did not weed. Treat it somewhere between an herb and a vegetable and remember the leaves can be dried or frozen for later use.

Last weekend’s brutal dry wind has dried out the pea plants so I’m not sure they’ll come back, so enjoy your peas one last time. Bokchoy likewise is probably at an end, but for a different reason: the dryness of the season gave me so few chances to transplant that I only got one bed in, which is nearly used up now. The same problem has plagued my salad greens, esp. lettuce; two plantings in a row have not been able to be spaced so they could grow large. I will try to put in more seed for a last planting, but anticipate being short of lettuce material.

Large boxes also have potatoes; the plants are all dead now so I’m digging. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the first few plants; not a bumper crop but not as bad as another Kingston Market comrade, who only got 2 1/2 quarts of potatoes from a 50 foot row.

Sharing the over the top crazy drought stories seems to be one of our favorite market pastimes. This week’s best was that there are 1300 counties, in 39 states, that are in a state of disaster because of the drought. That leaves about 11 lucky states out of the dismal picture–and since last Sat. was Canada Food Day–a day to celebrate and eat local food, we shall be grateful for what we do get. In the barnyard garden I’ve actually seen broccoli flower coming and corn too (shhh don’t tell the raccoons).

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August 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

  1. A note from Steev:

    I often go to the Franktown Radar site to watch the storms come in and I have noticed when the system is weak the clouds frequently split and roll south and/or north around Silver Lake. Leaving a dry corridor along either side of Highway 7.

    My theory is that Highway 7 was built along the ridge of the divide between the Bolton Creek and Tay watersheds. It crests around this Maberly before descending from the Canadian Shield to the flat lands at Brooke. Somehow the lay of the land and the paths of the streams leads the rain away from our little patch.

    Presently (11am Thursday August 9) a large system is just reaching Kaladar. It looks fairly robust, probably too strong to split on the ridge. I am hopeful we will see more than just a little burst this afternoon. Perhaps a persistent downpour.