Organic Garlic

A Braid of Organic Russian Red GarlicRavensfield produces organic Red Russian garlic. This is a hardneck variety with a delicious well rounded flavour. The cloves are juicy and easy to peel, and it stores very well. Kept in a cool dry place, a braid can last until next year.

In this year’s crop the bulbs are not large but they are of very high quality.

Braiding is a labour intensive process that extends the storage life of the bulbs. While braided garlic can last 12 months, loose bulbs must be consumed within 6 to 8 months.

Garlic should always be kept in a cool dry place out of direct sun. (So not over the stove or the sink, and never in the fridge).

If you are interested in garlic or garlic braids for the winter just let me know, by phone if possible, (613) 268-2248. Or use the form below.

All braids have 12 bulbs. Smaller bulb braids are from $18-25, medium $25-35 and large (limited quantity) $35-50. Inquire about loose garlic.

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