Final Box Nov. 7, 2012

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all gotten your veggies in safe and sound from the cold, and you may well wonder how the *** I managed to include both salad greens and tomato in your boxes, in November, and after two nights of minus 7 or 8. I was very very busy on Sunday, and picked salad greens ahead for you. Everything else that I thought had any significant food value also got picked, and then all those boxes (some 31 in total/ were piled high in my mudroom to keep them above freezing. Otherwise, the boxes would have been very very small. And the tomato? I have still not gotten around to making sauce out of the ones ripening in the house and have instead been enjoying them on sandwiches. I couldn’t resist sharing this out of season pleasure with you.

As it is, I’ve sent you all Chinese cabbages, though these are much more open than the earlier ones, which means they didn’t quite get to their mature state. If you got veggies instead of box deposit, you will perhaps receive a much larger one which is partly this week’s box allotment and partly deposit return. I have semi-customized the box deposit veggies, hopefully I have chosen some of your favorites.

Squash is also in the boxes, as well as the last hearts of celery. I spent a part of my morning freezing some celery for the winter stews and soups. Squashes: if you have a few small ones, consider stuffing and baking them–there’s not much meat on them. I like a quinoa or millet stuffing, seasoned with herbs, onions, and walnuts, moistened a bit so the flavor oozes into the squash shell.

Thanks to all for remembering to put out the boxes today. Also, we are DEFINITELY looking for NEW MEMBERS next year if we want to keep going. So please talk it up to friends and neighbours, anyone can contact me by phone if interested.

As for me, I plunge directly from the frenzy of marketing into the sprint finish to plant 6000 garlic. Just now, Old Man Winter has won the first round. The ground is frozen so I can’t continue, but I did get started and that means a lot to boost the morale. They tell me it’ll be warmer by Sunday. I’ll be ready for it. In the meantime, my next priorities are the remainder of those 31 boxes (kim chee, sauerkraut, freezing broccoli, etc.) and cleaning the barn, which makes the compost pile which fertilizes the veggies. If all that is done and the firewood brought home, I will stop caring how cold it gets–it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to leave off orchestrating the weather on top of everything else!

I sincerely wish all of you a lovely winter time, and will be in touch in the spring. Please don’t hesitate to pop by for a visit, and there are still veggies to be had here at the farm, as well as pork sausage, if you’re ever interested.

Till next year,

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