July 10, 2013

Hi folks,

It’s been a long day. I’ve been up since 5 a.m., trying to pick your salad greens before the heat came on, then worked all day till one of those dandy thunderstorms chased me from the garden. Foolishly I figured I’d tackle a bit of barn cleanout, since there was still some daylight left….probably not a great idea. Oh well.

I guess the biggest news this week is that we have a visiting potential apprentice. Lindsay wants to try out the farm life for two weeks (her holiday time from work) to see if she wants to do a full apprenticeship next year. I told her I was going to turn her into the Trellis Queen, because trellising repair and twining plants is one of our main jobs right now. So yesterday, after building the trellis, I showed her how to twine the tomatoes–always in a counter clockwise direction, because that’s how they grow.Two beds are done, that’s 60 plants, and there are 300 more to finish. The beans she trellised yesterday took exactly 24 hours to find their strings and start reaching for the sky. Tomorrow is a big push to trellis the 5 rows of beans in the barnyard garden, which is where I put stuff that I can’t find space for in the regular garden. Hopefully that translates into a lot of beans shortly.

I have seen my first tomatoes–golf ball size–and zucchini should be starting next week. Bush beans and fava beans are flowering, and, if you’re one of the lucky three people who got snow peas, you will already know that they are starting up too. Sorry for the small quantity and that not everyone got some–but the ones that didn’t were compensated by getting the first basil. It’s at its prime when its so young and tender.

I was glad to find enough chard/kale for everyone. Also I’m still enthusiastic about eating lots of salads so you all get lettuce and salad greens. Onions–these are fine, but some of the onions in the garden are struggling with downy mildew because of the excessive and constant humidity. Remember that the whole thing is edible, you don’t want to waste the green part.

See you next week, and hopefully we will see some real vegetables at last!


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