July 17, 2013

Hello folks,

Finally some real vegetables! Here’s hoping your menu planning was made extra easy with this week’s goodies. I got the potatoes by “robbing” a few plants: dig in around the base of the plant with your fingers, ever so carefully trying to avoid breaking roots while feeling around for the treasured hard roundness that must be a potato. Sometimes you guess correctly and come up with one right away, sometimes you reach all the way around the plant and still don’t find anything.

July-17-2013 mint, snow peas, potatoes, salad greensSince these are new potatoes they respond best to being boiled; they are still too watery for frying or roasting properly. Snow peas are the other way around; they are best cooked with a minimum of water; stir frying will give you the sweetest, most flavorful peas. Also you got a bit of mint, which you could use on the peas, or else for tea or seasoning lamb. I hope I remembered correctly who got kale and who got chard last week; I was aiming to reverse it for this week. Let me know if you got the same thing too many times, you can always request something else.

Salad greens were a challenge this week because I was unable to pick in early morning, so some of the lettuces were too wilted to put in the mix. But boy did we get a deluge later on this aft! Around here it rained ‘cats and dogs” as they used to say, and piglets too–8 of them, to be exact, somehow dropped from the sky right into Abigail (sow)’s pen. Mom and babies all doing well.

This is Lindsay’s second week with us, and regrettably her holiday time is up and she goes back to Mtl. Friday morning. I told her at the start that I was going to turn her into a trellis queen. Earlier this week I asked her, as she strung yet another row of trellis, if she felt like a trellis queen yet. She said she didn’t really feel quite like a queen yet, maybe just a trellis princess. In the time she has been here, we have finished 17 beds (65 ft. long) of trellises. That’s a lot of beans and cukes and tomatoes. My plan for tomorrow is at least three more beds, which have tomatoes in them; otherwise my harvest will be quite difficult.

Bit by bit our crops are growing and bit by bit we are getting rid of weeds. My own efforts recently have centered on beets, which I actually think I can take of my ‘worry list’ now that they are unearthed from the evil galinsoga weeds. I’m not as optimistic about carrots, sad to say, we might not have as many of them as we would like. Oh well. Every year has some winners and some losers.

Till next time,


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