July 2, 2015

Hi folks,

Since last week, quite a few beds have been weeded. But it’s been difficult, because weeds that are pulled and then rained on have a serious tendency to find a way to root themselves all over again. Nevertheless, the brassica/onion patch is looking very airy and tidy. Also we’ve started to trellis tomatoes, they get pruned when first trained and the biggest part of the job is actually replacing the strings that make up the trellis as they rot after about 2 seasons of service. So far most tomatoes look great. I just hope we don’t see a repeat of last year’s late blight, because tomatoes are a lot of work and then just when it looks like your crop is maturing….crash. The weather has got to turn much brighter and warmer to make tomatoes happy. You CSA members have proven time and again that you can bring us the perfect weather; so do your part and get that sun working a bit harder. After all, it is July.

Thanks for your feedback from last week. I forgot to mention that the quart boxes are returnable and reusable. I can’t use quart boxes from other sources but ours can be placed right back in your bin for return.

Boxes are still quite small but at least a bit of greenery every week is coming your way. This week we have kale, the Red Russian variety, which is very mild and can be used raw (coleslaw style) or lightly cooked. Large boxes also get chard which can be used just like spinach in quiche, spanikopita, eggs benedict, lasagna, etc.

The herb in small boxes is anise hyssop. It’s my favorite iced tea: brew the bunch up and then I like to mix it half tea half homemade lemonade. Large boxes get mint instead, they also get the lovely little Tom Thumb lettuces–one of the oldest varieties in continuous cultivation–a dear little mini butterhead. And then the scapes, repeated again because this is the season. We picked the very last scapes on Wednesday. I did notice root rot problem in one place in the garlic, let’s hope it doesn’t spread. Other than that, the garlic looks like it’s headed for another great year.

Till next Wednesday, T

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