July 22

Hi folks,

The CSA boxes get the world premiere of Ravensfield garlic 2015 this week. Because it just got harvested, it needs to be stored dry and with lots of air circulation. Never in the fridge; that’s too damp and it would go moldy. Loose on the counter is perfect. It’s early for the garlic harvest but there are quite a few (out of 6500 total that we grow) dying back. Usually the main harvest is right around August 1, and it’s a busy time because the window of opportunity to get the garlic out in best quality is often a week or less. This week’s contribution to the beautiful veggies list is ‘Sylvesta’ lettuce. I did not wash these so as to minimize damage from handling. For some reason I envision a salad with hard boiled eggs in it, if I don’t decide to frame it instead.

Beets are ready and I’m very pleased with their quality. In early years of soil development we had many years of difficulty with scab (corky patches on skin). Thanks to the support of customers like yourselves, we’ve been able to carry out the work of bioremediation and now reap the result. Especially included in the thank you list is one of you CSAers who has been getting vegetables from us for 15 years now. I certainly remember the frustration of not having beautiful veggies for beautiful people who had paid good money for their boxes; I’m sure she likewise remembers having to get past the extra kitchen prep work to discover genuine flavour underneath a somewhat ugly skin. It’s encouraging to think that good things can be done and we can see the results, even if it takes 15 years.

Rounding out the boxes: dill for small boxes and cilantro for large (we’ll switch that next week) and snow peas for all. Also some more zucchini for big boxes. Nice to have the boxes proper size at last.

In the garden I continue to weed and space things and trellis pole beans. Scallopini squash got mulched yesterday. If I could find room I’d seed in more salad greens but we’re pretty full out there. This is almost the height of the season so if any of you want to see the garden, we can try to find a time. Only one minor problem; chipmunks have discovered the tomatoes (mostly still green but they don’t care) and are addicted to them. I’ve put some traps out to fix that.

Till next time, Titia

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