July 24, 2013

Hi folks,

This is a slow news week, unless you want to hear about more and more and more weeding and trellising. The garden work continues, bit by bit, to reveal row upon row of veggies looking pretty darn good. The growing weather has been fantastic. All the plants are actually quite happy  that the torrential rains have stopped. Lettuce included in this week’s boxes still shows a bit of evidence of the hard rain or possibly small hail damage from a week or two ago on the outside leaves.

Trellised Bean PlantsIn  the boxes you’ll find the first beans, some of you getting regular beans and some the tiny gourmet filet beans. When we harvest we also weed and mulch to the extent that time allows, so we can add another row to the ‘done’ roster. Your greens are a mix of komatsuna and bok choy. Komatsuna is most like a leafy bok choy in flavour. Because I also gave you arugula, and because so many members are on holidays this week, I skipped out the salad greens. Augula also makes a delicious spread when mixed with cream cheese.

The first garlic is pulled to see how far along it is, to gauge when we should start pulling 6000 plants. I had mine with the zucchini last night–my favourite vegetable combo.

a batch of Tamworth pigs was born this weekBarnyard news is that another batch of pigs was born this week. That’s it for the population explosion for now. There’s nothing cuter than baby pigs.

Quick admin note: if  you are going to be away PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY PHONE because I don’t check email often enough.

Till next time, T

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