July 28,2015

Hi folks,

That was one cozy day today. Fortunately I’ve got into the habit of harvesting early a.m. for things like salad greens, and also harvested some stuff Tuesday, so I was able to be out of the heat by 1 p.m.

Large boxes have tomatoes, carrots, romaine, kale, dill, Welsh onion, salad greens and the first beans. There’s also a bunch of anise hyssop (iced tea: half lemonade half tea)because if ever there was a day when iced tea was needed it was today. Small boxes have a smaller helping of beans but also get snow peas; cilantro instead of dill, and there’s no room for tomatoes, romaine or carrots. Only two items to comment on. First, Welsh onion is my perennial green onion; very aromatic variety. Second, tomatoes: I should have had enough for everyone. But there is much evidence of a chipmunk tomato eating frenzy. If I hadn’t harvested these slightly underripe, they too would have been chewed up. So we’ll have to enjoy what we have, maybe let them sit on the window sill for a day or two.

The chipmunk wars continue. On Monday when Cassandra was weeding a beet row, they were brazen enough to chew the stems right off the beets within 10 feet of where she was working. We have so far caught 3 but the beets are taking a beating. Both tomatoes and beets are red, their favourite colour.

Other farm news: we have started to harvest garlic. 6500 altogether. So far I’m well pleased with the size. As with everything, we weed as we harvest so the parsnips that share space with the garlic are getting the royal treatment.
That’s all for now; T

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