July 3, 2013

Hello folks,

As expected, your boxes are much smaller this week. That’s just all there is right now. This garden has never liked spring very much; I find that the early season seedings are often slow to come up and the plants seem to be stressed until we finally settle down to summer and some good rain–both of which we’ve had this last week. Then, like magic, the garden turns on the charm and actually starts growing properly. Remember how I was lamenting the lack of germination of zucchini last week? Three plantings of regular green zucchini and I think I counted a total of 24 plants. Well, the.fourth planting has come up and the zucchini population has just doubled–better late than never I guess.

Spring variable weather also took a toll on early salad greens, and once again the second seeding of just a week or two ago is poised to do much, much better. Butternut squash was also seeded super heavy the second time around and came up much better, so did the third try at swiss chard. I can only hope the season will be kind to the latecomers and let them mature before fall cold weather sets in.

All in all I’m pleased with things; the rain is good. This week the last of the potato plants got hilled. I’m almost done with mulching tomatoes and squash and there are a few more transplants ( broccoli, basil, cukes) on the urgent list but after that we can turn our attention to trellising and hopefully harvesting. The snow peas have flowers on them, and the tomato plants ( which are looking fabulous) have tomatoes already. So we’ll have to be a bit patient but good eating is coming soon to a veggie box near you.

As for menu ideas, again, your salad greens, plus the early leaf lettuce, are easy. The bunch of anise hyssop is for tea; it’s my favorite iced tea (I like it half lemonade and  half iced tea). As for the garlic scapes, mine are turning into garlic butter tonight ( chop and sautee in butter, add just a touch of parmesan cheese) and I also encourage you to try them marinated or steamed–when steamed they are very much like leeks.

If you’re going to be away for a week, we can credit the box value and add in extra goodies in later weeks. Probably it’s best to phone (613) 268-2248 because the email only gets looked at once a week or so. Of course you can always get some friend or neighbour to pick up for you

That’s all for now; this tired farmer is going to eat her supper and head to bed.


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