July 31, 2013

Hi folks,

Today Maike and I started the garlic harvest. The bulbs are a bit on the small side but we were well pleased with our work, which included weeding of adjacent crops (cukes, cabbage, parsnips) and preparation of the soil where the garlic was growing for a late fall crop. So everything is tidy once again, in one little corner of the garden at least.

garlic just pickedThe garlic harvest is an intense time. Within 4 days garlic can go from being perfect to falling apart with papering that is all deteriorated. So the plan is to get all the garlic out before the end of Friday. After that, I have a family wedding on Saturday and family from B.C. visiting for the early part of next week; precluding garden work for a few days.

Garlic harvest, and the beginning of August also marks the end of the “plant care” phase of the year, in which we try to weed, mulch, thin, transplant everything, and also make and string trellises to keep tomatoes, cukes, beans off the ground. We did pretty well in  trellising, all but one of the beds of tomatoes are done, and likewise  beans and cukes– a huge benefit when trying to harvest.

squash and beansAugust is full on harvest time, peas and beans and zucchs need to be looked at regularly; and some of you got a teaser tomato– the first of the season; those also need to be harvested every few days. Throw in a bit  more planting/transplanting and the day’s time gets used up fast. But this year especially, the bounty of the harvest is a thrill which keeps me going. I love the beauty of the vegetable plants as they start to generously display their varied gifts to us.

Enjoy your veggies this week. The little filet beans are great par boiled and then marinated lightly for a salad.  Swiss chard, no matter how many times I have it with my eggs and potatoes in the morning, never ceases to amaze me with its yummy flavour. Onions are keepers, but not in fridge, they like dry and cool conditions.

Till next week, Titia

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