July 4, 2012

Hello again,

“Knee high by the fourth of July”. If you instantly put that old farm saying together with the word “corn”, you’ve probably been hanging around the countryside. Indeed, our barnyard (my bright spot of a garden) does have knee high corn in it. But last Sat I had to hand water each and every one of them, and should attend to same today…last night we got only enough of the rain the wet the top half inch of soil.

That’s bad. Barnyard is watered off house well water and that has to water animals as well. So please remember the magic formula you use for rain–dance, chant, or pray, but get us something we can grow on! It doesn’t help when busy farmer Titia drops one of the many balls she’s juggling: in this case, as I race around flailing at weeds, planting a few late things, transplanting, mulching and watering, I completely overlooked the garlic patch. Today they were wilting in the heat, and are obviously drying up–much too soon, and I anticipate I have lost some serious sizing up of bulbs. Oops. Big oops. We’ll see how this saga turns out soon.

This was supposed to be a special holiday; just newly invented: new potato celebration day. Being Dutch, I love my potatoes. But I only eat my potatoes, and by now last years are dried out and not much fun. So the day of the first new potatoes is a big deal. Full of anticipation I went to dig some plants for you, but quickly realized that they too would have sized up better with rain. So only large boxes get them, and the quarts are not even full.

In lieu of potatoes, small boxes see more green onions. Radishes have fared well because they are right next to the carrots which I water more often than anything else. After that: we’re on to baby bok choy as a green , but again, some of it is very “baby”–don’t overcook this! Large boxes get a few lettuces, and to make up for some of the disappointment, everyone gets mega-large salad greens today.

But my favorite thing is the anise hyssop. It makes the BEST iced tea: lots of lemon and fairly sweet  is my favorite. Scapes as promised to large boxes: arugula cream cheese pesto or garlic pureed into oil for a handy addition to future dishes(can be stored in fridge and used as wanted).

This week I worked on basil, which, though small, is coming along. Almost everything took a “jump” this week, which means their roots are deeper and they can stand the dry better. Peas are trellised, beets got a go through for weeds, zucchs are almost all spaced out and I’m itching to get at the mulching this aft/eve. Tomorrow half the hay comes, just to fill in some time cause I clearly don’t have enough to do!

I have declared the war on rodents over and 2 kittens have been successfully transplanted to garden to hopefully maintain the peace.

Till next week, T.

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