June 24, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Well I’ve just seen Maike, my stalwart friend and Wednesday helper, drive off with your first veggie boxes. Even though the boxes are super full, they still don’t hold the entire $ value they should; we always average $20 for small and $30 for large but it’s nice to bank a bit of value at the start of the season to use in the peak of the season in August/Sept.

IMG_5243What’s in the box? Salad greens all around. Large boxes get a large and a small bag. Bok choy, which is at its best with a very light cooking–like asparagus, or broc, it can get mushy if you actually cook it. Large boxes also get mustard greens: dijon mustard flavour in a leaf, great on sandwiches, salads, and if cooked, becomes very mild. Short shelf life. Green onions and rhubarb. Garlic scapes–the tops to the garlic–are usable as a vegetable (try coating in olive oil and bbqing very briefly) or as garlic seasoning–whirl them up in the blender with oil and store in fridge ready to add to anything. Google them if they’re new to you, you’ll find tons of recipes.

Next week, Canada Day, the delivery schedule will have to  be changed to THURSDAY JULY 2  afternoon delivery to accommodate the holiday.

On the farm: We have the garlic and parsnips weeded and now it’s on to mulching onions and brassicas, hilling potatoes, and weeding, weeding, weeding. In between I’m still transplanting: today it’s celery and kale that are being spaced so they have lots of room to grow. Beans also need a serious replant, we had very bad luck with the early planting, which rotted due to excessive drippiness from above.

It’s a real pleasure to watch the garden come alive at this time of the year. Every year the soil improves, which means your food has a higher nutrient density and more deliciousness to it, plus it makes my weeding easier and all the crops look so darned beautiful to boot. Today I saw my first zucchini flower, and I already have ping pong ball sized tomatoes.

Till next time,

P.S. This newsletter is coming to you in the afternoon. But as a rule, I try to use the daylight to work and don’t get writing these till the late evening so it will be sent to you by overnight snail and chariot and be ready to be read with your morning coffee. Cheers!

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