June 26, 2013

Hello to everyone,

Welcome to a brand new season that will stretch all the way to the 6th of November this year! Also an special welcome to our new members. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy your food adventures with Ravensfield.

And certainly I put some adventures into your boxes this week: weeds again. Yup, but they’re also free again. This week I thought your walk on the wild side should be lamb’s quarters. Their season is actually just about finished. They are in the spinach family, very mild, and you eat the stems as well as leaves, although sometimes bottom leaves are spotty and need to be discarded. You can use them raw or lightly cooked. When I was 18, I had a feed of these, steamed, with the addition of currants and almonds (chopped) and a bit of lemon zest. This spring has brought that memory back and the folks at market have been quite enthusiastic about them.

After that it gets a little simpler; I’m sure you can figure out what to do with spring onions, lettuce (handle carefully, butter lettuce is fragile, use fairly soon), dill, and rhubarb. For those unfamiliar with purple mustard greens, they are like dijon mustard in a leaf form–great on a sandwich instead of lettuce–when raw, and much milder if you steam them. The curly scapes might do well on the barbeque this holiday weekend–toss with a seasoned oil and vinegar mix, then about two seconds on the hot bbq to brown them and they make a great appetizer, tasting much like roasted garlic, with a firm green bean texture.

And then there are salad greens, a very large bag, which puts these boxes into the “over budget” category–next week, be prepared for slightly smaller boxes.

The farm is doing well, we’re so grateful for rain this year. End June is when I go “Yikes”  because all of a sudden the weeds are everywhere. Highs and lows: can’t grow regular zucchini to save my life this year (?!?)  but tomatoes are awesome, so are potatoes and onions, garlic looks great but we lost some carrots in the dry hot spell just before the rains came.

There are two neighbour ladies helping out this year. Maike comes every Wednesday and enthusiastically keeps up with me right through to the end of my day, which is usually 10 P.M. Jan comes two days a week for a shorter duration. Both are avid learners and we’re having lots of fun in the garden.

Till next week, enjoy your veggies,


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