May 15, 2013

Hi folks,

You all know that usually  I try to get the newsletter to you on Wednesday, to go with your box. Well…yesterday just wasn’t big enough to include harvest, delivery, planting potatoes and plowing up new ground. One very tired farmer, one bit more work done to make that garden grow.

fiddleheads, dandelion greens, onions, parsnips, rhubarb, salad greensThe early bird boxes include some veggies that could use explanation. I’m sure the weirdest component is your dandelion greens. I included these because I love making spring salad of grated Jerusalem artichokes with a mix of half and half dandelion greens and parsley or lettuce, green onion ( chopped), a bit of oregano, and a simple oil and vinegar dressing. This is a great spring tonic, especially good for the liver. You don’t want to eat the  flower stems, to remove, just hold onto the leaves above the flower stems and cut everything off the base of the root with a knife, shake out the flower stems and you’re left with greens only in your hand. Then wash; dandelion tends to be sandy.

Fiddleheads are also in the spring pick me up category; these are loaded with iron. They do need to be cooked, boiled a bit past al dente stage, to be at their finest. I like mine with butter and lemon. Some people par boil and then finish the cooking by sauteeing in garlic butter–and green garlic also magically appears in boxes this week.

Parsnips are easy; just fry up and enjoy with sauce of yogurt, minced onion (also in boxes) a bit of soy sauce and a bit of chili powder. By the way, the new parsnips that are growing up for our fall harvest this year are looking very good in the garden.

Both rhubarb and salad greens are small portions; that’s all there was and I shared equally with everyone.

Please remember to return your quart containers in your  boxes next time–but that won’t be for a few weeks yet, and I will email around to alert you to the start of the main season of weekly box deliveries, sometime mid to late June. Also please phone 268-2248 with questions or comments.

I have some help this year at the garden: Jan, down the road, comes two half days a week to learn and help, and Maike also comes one day a week. Maike and I made the human team that guided Annie ( horse) in her garden work yesterday. Horse cultivation is a two person job. Annie was very well behaved yesterday and we got a good patch of new ground cultivated for planting more of the potatoes today. I’ll also be trying to put in spring greens and lettuces, but then I’d best hook up the irrigation system. Our sandy soil gets dry so fast, and just like last year, the early rains are largely  passing us by.

Till next time,


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