Newsletter Aug 12

Hi folks,

In farmer terms, we’re officially turning the corner into fall. Blackbirds are gathering, light is changing and Friday is a New Moon. Plus the garlic harvest is complete, for the first time since June there is space in the garden. Wish I had enough time to plant more but all of a sudden there are beans, tomatoes, potatoes, onions to harvest… Soon I will be going to Kingston Market 3 days a week with all the bounty. But it was slow to come this year and tomatoes are wondering if there really ever willl be a summer. My guess is, with those blackbirds and all, that the answer sadly is no. There’s not enough time left for a really sustained hot growing spell.

So this spurt of garden bonanza may be short lived. Your boxes are designed to make the most of it. Your beans are Kentucky Wonder–large but always tender; excellent for freezing. They have been grown for well over a century; they are better than anything else I’ve found. Potatoes are ‘Irish Black” which only refers to the purple skin. They are a great baker and also fluffy mashed. Tomatoes–you each get a sampling of what’s ripe right now. The ugly tomato is Cherokee and is always green shouldered with light to dusky rose bottom, it tends to split its skin when ripe. Large boxes get onions. They, just like their garlic cousins, have a more pronounced flavour this year. A little will go a long way! For the ooh-la-la component of large boxes, I included a baby fennel.

A quick bit more about the garlic harvest. It was somewhat disappointing, I was too late to harvest and a lot of the skins deteriorated so that keeping quality is compromised. Braids will be in short supply. Right now I’m just glad the harvest is over so I can move on to the onions, which I think will be quite bountiful. Keep on carrying on is the mantra at the moment.

Till next time, Titia

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