Newsletter Aug 26

Hi folks,

Peak of the harvest season and I’m running around like mad trying to maximize the bounty. The beans just keep on coming so I’ve included a quart of the variety ‘Calima’ which is new to me this year but seems to be the juiciest bean ever and very tender. Tomatoes likewise have finally decided to ripen and are looking great as you can see from the large specimens you got this week. Our great calamity of the week was that a top wire snapped on one of the most productive trellis sections. Fortunately we were able to pull the heavily laden wire back up and secure it; the weight of all those mature tomato plants made me nervous that we would have some damage, but all is well. Somehow we have not seen late blight this year; given a nice September it could be a very fine year.

If we’re going to have tomatoes we ought to have basil. Much of the basil has not been tended to well, but the aroma of the late plantings is sublime. You also have either a hot wax pepper or a cucumber; both are rare treats–the peppers from my little greenhouse and the cukes—
well, they sure didn’t start out looking good; I spaced them back in June and then left them to their own devices without much hope of any harvest. But this week they looked good enough that we spent some time trellising them–better late than never. Lots of blooms, but not much in the way of cukes yet. The same fate seems to be striking the zucchini; some of my plants have yet to produce a single fruit! Crazy.

Onion harvest is the main work this week, hence a box of these very flavourful long keepers. We are about half done and should have them all out by next week.

For those of you who love the cat stories, I am happy to report that Houdini (the garden cat) has figured out that climbing on my back as I’m working is a totally fun thing to do. If I don’t move too fast he can keep his balance and purrs like mad to let me know how much he enjoys my company. I won’t say he has yet progressed to the ferocious hunter stage but the chipmunk damage is way down.

Lastly, a great big thank you for the return of your quart boxes this week. Over and out; this tired farmer is off to bed and then market in the morning. Titia

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