Newsletter August 5

Hi folks,

It’s been a busy week. The garlic is being harvested as fast as I can–
some of it is definitely being harvested too late so its papering is not good. Important as that job is, there still seems to be the rest of life to navigate around. This included shipping out some piglets and a visit from an eminent biodynamics teacher from the U.K., and today of course the harvest and delivery of your boxes took precedence over garlic again. I felt a lot better once I could get back to the harvest after my town trip and actually found an area where the garlic quality looks quite good. Garlic is a demanding crop at harvest, its window of opportunity can be as little as 4 days long. That’s not much time to get 6500 garlic out of the ground. Then it needs roots cut and cleaning and drying. In about a week or so it will be ready for braiding, but only the fully papered ones get braided, because braids have to last a full 12 months. If you would like to order braids, now is the time. There are always 12 garlic in a braid but the size of bulb dictates the price–anywhere from $20 to $50.So please specify appr. what size you want if you order.

On the chipmunk front: the munkers have moved on to munching snow peas that are oversize and meant to be seed for next year. So I’ve brought a cat on the scene. Houdini (Harry for short) is still aclimating to his new surroundings but he’s figured out a good hiding place for home base and has started to converse with me as I work. Wait till he discovers the fun of climbing trellises. Hopefully by then he also will be discovering how to catch chipmunks.

One housekeeping note. Please please return your green quart and pint boxes; they have not been coming back and they do cost and are reusable. Either we spend money on boxes or we get more veggies. That’s a no brainer.

In your boxes: all boxes now have only small bags of salad greens, but large boxes get theirs augmented with a lettuce. Also we have filet beans this week; a very light blanching and they are exquisite either hot or cold in a salad. Your garlic needs to be stored out on the counter in full air; it’s just been harvested and still moist. You’ll notice what I mean about the papering not being very good(that makes them cheaper); that won’t affect the flavour and these will still keep for about 2 months.This year the flavour is more pronounced than usual.

Carrots are not abundant this year so savour them. Chard on the other hand is over-the-top exuberant How about some chard rolls (think cabbage rolls) this time?. Zucchs and parsley round out your boxes.

That’s it for this week, Titia

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