Newsletter Oct 28

Hi folks,

After an absence of two weeks I wanted to write again and catch up on all the news. First of all, next week is the last box for the 2015 season. This year I will be delivering last box in the blue bin as per usual and ask that you be sure to put the empty bin out the week following (Nov. 11) for pickup.

To balance out the remaining credit you have, small boxes have no salad greens this week, and large boxes want to savour the greens because next week there won’t be any more. Large boxes also have escarole–a leafy cousin of radicchio which can be used raw or lightly cooked. For the rest the boxes are similar (smaller quantities of some things for small boxes). Carrots have been ridiculously small all season and this week is no exception. Parsnips, turnips, onions for everyone. The last picking of swiss chard–small leaves but after the cold temperatures we have experienced over the last few weeks we’ll want to be grateful for any greens at all.

In fact I have been amazed at what has made it through the cold. Plants use their sugar content as antifreeze and always give the most sugars to their youngest leaves to protect the growing tip, so whereas we lost a serious quantity of beautiful large chard leaves (not enough hours in the day or night to harvest them before the cold) the inner leaves are still OK. Likewise salad greens; the arugula seems particularly frost hardy.

But really, it is the end of the growing season and work has revolved around picking the last of everything. The last of 17 beds of parsnips was a 2 day job. The last Jerusalem artichokes left the center path of the garden on Monday, today, before the rain, the path was cleaned up and a load of compost for the garlic beds soon to be planted was dumped down instead. All the beets are out and I’m still trying to get the last potatoes. Today I ran out of bins in which to put everything! Maybe just as well, I was soaked to the skin and very glad to get inside early. I was coated in mud and my boots were weighed down by about an inch of the sticky gooey clay, turning walking into major exercise.

That’s all for now, I’ll write again next week. Titia

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