Newsletter Oct.7

Hi folks,

So this is Thanksgiving and you know how this goes. The celery goes in the stuffing, the turnip gets mashed with apples and maybe carmelized onions, the parsnips get roasted,maybe with some more onions, the potatoes get mashed and the pumpkin (large boxes only) is a genuine hard-to-find pie pumpkin(try your pie filling with fresh grated ginger and good old Lanark County maple syrup to sweeten). Large boxes also have mustard greens for turkey sandwiches or a light braising green.

There’s so much to be grateful for. The garden has been productive this year and it was a treat to see the beauty of thriving chinese cabbage, parsnips, beets, fennel, to name just a few stand out veggies. We’ve had sufficient rain this season and have escaped frost damage so I can get through to Thanksgiving harvest with a full slate of veggies. After that I’m starting to look forward to things slowing down a bit!

There will be 4 more weeks of veggies yet so your eating adventure isn’t over by any means. I hope your holiday is a great one; Thanksgiving means a lot to me and I shall be cooking up a storm to celebrate it in style. Till next week, Titia

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