Newsletter Sept. 16

Hi folks,

Hard to believe it’s already the middle of Sept.; still, we have 7 more weeks to enjoy fresh yummy veggie boxes. In years past it would be typical to have already had a killing frost by now but instead we are enjoying a second summer. The tomatoes love it and are ripening faster than I can sell them. So it’s canning time–stewed tomatoes, catsup, salsa. Meantime the freezer is filling up with beans, celery, zucchini, etc.–definitely a challenge to keep up but nice to think of these treats for winter meals.

Many seeds are ready now and I am also planning next year’s garden. The goal now is that as many beds as possible go into the winter weed- free and with their compost where required.

Your boxes have a distinctly fall feeling with the parsnips. As the cold weather comes they will get sweeter and sweeter. They keep very well in fridge and make great chips (cut and fry in oil) with onion, yogurt, soy sauce and chili powder as a dip. Beans are so plentiful that large boxes get both green and yellow ones today. The Popeye (“Eat your greens”) special is swiss chard; yesterday I mixed mine with eggplant and seasoned it with curry. Large boxes get carrots, small ones cucumbers and everyone gets green onion.

I’m grateful that all of you have gotten onto returning your quart and pint boxes. But let’s limit the returns to the boxes I send you or any that look exactly like those; I am not able to use other containers, 2L baskets etc. Thanks so much and we’ll be in touch next week again. Titia

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