Newsletter Sept 2

Hi folks,

Last week I suggested we would be done harvesting onions, the last crop–till the dreaded frost pick–that is time sensitive. Indeed, we did get done, and onions are great this year. We have already seeded some of the vacant spaces in late fall greens and I should get more done tonight(Thurs.). This is sorely needed because with summer heat greens bolt and/or go bitter easily, making them unusable for our beloved salad mix.

Also on our list of current jobs is seed saving. I get my Kingston Market customers to help me with tomato seed saving by bringing me back a bit of the seedy juice from selected tomatoes. Lettuce, mustard, arugula, kale seed are already inside and bean seeds will be gathered soon.

It has been very dry of late and I trepidatiously ask for rain. Rain at this time of the year is often associated with hurricane systems and these powerful storms pull arctic cold air behind them when they leave, giving us our first fall frosts. Also, the humidity we have had the last few days predictably started the late blight on the tomatoes and rain would make it spread faster. Either way, we’ve seen the best of the tomato season.

Your boxes have a rare treat: fruit. I was able to pick at a friend’s place; also a certified organic farm. Add fennel to your apples and google apple fennel soup. If you have a large box you have a large cabbage–first of the winter storage ones–or a half of one that was so big I wouldn’t have been able to close the lid if left whole. So apple with cabbage could make a nice coleslaw too, especially with the carrots.

The bag of garlic shows you what I’m up against in terms of quality. These are seconds and should still be servicable at least till end Oct. But they can’t be braided and won’t store into next spring.

That’s all for now, I’m off to market. Till next week, Titia

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