Newsletter Sept 23

Hi folks,

Welcome to fall, though we still have such gorgeous weather that we can continue to add some summery things to your boxes. The last of the vine ripened tomatoes; late blight has spread throughout the garden and taken whatever is left. One of the large greenhouse cucumbers. And summer savory; that’s the herb that resembles a cross between thyme and sage; often used to season Thanksgiving stuffing. It is as good dried as fresh so just hang it up to store. Savory is also known as ‘bean herb’–excellent cooked with dried beans for soup and stews.

The fall component of your boxes is cabbage. My latest favourite cabbage salad is cabbage, apples and fennel, so I included a small fennel in your boxes. Onions will keep all winter so use as needed. Large boxes also get beets, it’s feeling like time to roast or pickle them.

With the peak harvest time now nearly over, your boxes will once again be getting smaller. Over the last few weeks there has been extra in your boxes so that you’re now ahead of the allotted $/week. As the season winds down we will be gradually balancing things out. Always remember that the retail value of your boxes is exactly the same as what we charge at market in Kingston.

There’s not much news this week; I continue to harvest and market 24/7, then in the remaining time every day I try to catch up on the preserving for winter. I encourage everyone to store up some summertime for the off season as it is a critical component in returning to a local food focus in our lives. Till next time, Titia

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