Newsletter Sept 30

Hi folks,

Well it’s finally come–the first fall frost possibility. And although the garden has definitely been slowing down, I still will be sad to lose beans, basil, zucchs, maybe even some salad greens, etc. So despite me telling you last week that I was going to start to work toward the ‘balanced budget’….well, I just couldn’t resist the summmer veggies to put into your boxes. We’ll soon have substantially less to choose from so that’s when boxes will be less full.

You have the last of the basil. I made pesto last week: 4 cups basil, 2 cups olive oil, 1cup parmesan cheese, 6 cloves garlic, 3/4 cup pine nuts (or try toasted almonds). You’ll have to adjust the recipe for size as there weren’t heaps of basil left to give you. Large boxes have Thai Basil which I always think is a combination of basil and vanilla.

Large boxes have shelling beans and this type would make a nice light chili type stew, mixed with carrots, tomato, beans, onion and zucchini, maybe even summer savory and a bit of parsley to season it. Your whole dinner is pretty much in the box!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Jerusalem Artichokes, they are a native North American vegetable which can be used any way you can think of from raw to pickled to roasted to pureed into a soup…the explorer Champlain tried to describe them as a “girasole” (sunflower) with the taste of an artichoke, hence their name. Other folks call them sunchokes as they are in the sunflower family. A bit of lemon juice seems to bring out their artichoke flavour.

If you’re thinking ahead for shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner, my plan is to put turnup, parsnip, salad greens, celery in next week’s box, and a pie pumpkin for the large boxes. For the rest I’ll have to see what’s left after frost. Till next time, Titia

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