November 6, 2013

Hi folks,

Once again it’s very late in the evening. Maike (who often stays quite late) and I have just finished sorting seed potatoes and market orders of potatoes. Then we celebrated with a very very tasty plate of french fries plus homemade catsup. Perhaps the potatoes in your boxes (bags) will satisfy you likewise.’

As predicted your last boxes are small and all the smaller for the fact that we had frigid temperatures earlier this week, which killed a lot of greens–so no more salad greens, except for those who asked for veggies in lieu of box deposit return. Nevertheless, the cold brings out the sweetness in both parsnip and rutabaga. Onions are almost sold out but there was enough for one more go around.

For those of you getting veggies instead of your box deposit return, you also have kale, garlic, extra of potatoes and onions, and some awesome carrots..

The garlic is going in; I am hoping that the ground frost is only sporadic yet and we can work the ground most days. It’s the last garden task that absolutely “must” be done. If the weather cooperates we can always clear more ground, but it seldom happens that we get far before freeze up.

The last newsletter of the year is always bittersweet for me. I find myself reflecting a lot on how much you CSA members support this farming endeavor. For that you have my heartfelt gratitude, with hopes that I will be making boxes for you again in 2014. You can still let me know if you’re wanting to be in on next year. If I look at the progress the farm has made since we started CSA in 2000 or so, I see how much more we are able to harvest and (especially for something like potatoes) how much improvement there has been to quality. I feel like the farm is starting to stabilize and everything is getting easier all the time which gives me hope that next year will be better than ever.

I hope you all have a pleasant winter.

Stay in touch,


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