Oct. 10, 2012

Hi everyone,

I trust you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Mine included the big family feast, as it always does. I treasure the time to cook nice food and spend time with people I hold so dear. This year, Thanksgiving was made even better by an unexpected visit from Joey, an apprentice from some years back, and his wife Sarah plus little 9 month old Mia. They are now farming in Nova Scotia, so we had much to talk about as we toured the farm.

Your boxes this week are the same, small and large, except the quantities are bigger in the large boxes. First of all, there are Jerusalem artichokes– always versatile and can keep a long time in fridge. I still always like the soup, boil your artichokes, puree them with the cooking water, add milk or cream and salt and pepper and that’s all. Unless of course it’s very cold out, then you might want to add some cheese and make a cheese artichoke soup to really warm you up: rich but not heavy. This spring I also experimented with a salt fermented pickle ( like sauerkraut or kosher dill pickles) and I hope to make a larger quantity this fall. Per quart of ingredients you need to add 1 Tablespoon of pickling salt and even that doesn’t have to be very precisely measured. Other than artichokes I like adding thinly sliced lemon (rind and all), a bit of olive oil, and thyme and rosemary, maybe some chives as well. Apparently there are a million versions of these in the Mid-East. This spring’s version was just made in a bowl set in the fridge. Delicious the day you make it, equally so if you leave it to ‘pickle’ for a week or two.

Secondly there is a Chinese cabbage. I can not guarantee that they are bug free. The slower a plant grows, the more susceptible it is to insects, and these were significantly affected by the drought. So slice carefully, especially the outer layers. Use raw or lightly steamed. These are also the basic ingredient to kim chee. Again, they keep very well so don’t have to be used right away.

Carrots, Swiss chard and salad greens round out the boxes. Is this the last salad greens? I hope not but brrr are they forecasting some cold weather this week.

With the colder weather I’m now doing a total harvest on some veggies that will not be growing any more. Today I harvested beets and left only the little ones. Carrots are probably next as I have orders for winter storage veggies to fill. I am enjoying the look of the garden as spaces are emptied. I have sorted my seed garlic and will start planting it into those spaces as soon as I can.

Till next time,

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