Oct. 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

Suddenly, despite today’s warm weather, it feels like the season is drawing to a close. I was surprised to find myself tonight aimlessly walking around the garden, looking for things that needed harvesting for market tomorrow. Row after row of veggies has either been totally harvested, or have stopped growing, or have been done in by last Friday night’s frigid minus 6. Quite a switch from the usual, where I’m dashing around madly from one vegetable to the next “oh and then there are the carrots” and “I almost forgot the chard”.

Still there is much to do: harvest home doesn’t mean harvest organized, so that is the first priority. Sorting tomatoes took about 2 days, and I finally made my first batch of tomato sauce. Storage orders mean that I now have mega stockpiles of onions, beets, parsnips, potatoes and squash that need to be separated out for each customer. I still have garlic to braid, again for orders. And once things are out of the way a bit I can make my sauerkraut and kim chee; I optimistically hope for Sunday and Monday. Completely at odds with whatever drive, ambition, or stamina you may read into the foregoing, is my natural tendency, when the pressure is off, to really really relax and find the days zipping by without much to show for them, and when the weather is so delicious it truly is a treat to goof off for a spell, enjoying what’s left of the fall colours.

On to your boxes, number 17 of the season, so 3 more to go. We have beets–the last of the season. Though small, once boiled their skins will pop right off and they’ll be delicious dressed with olive oil, cider vinegar, and honey. Large boxes get carrots again; I’m finding them particularly tasty just now. Salad greens are getting hard to find, but you have a regular amount of them still. If you want to stretch them, you could either add more lettuce or some of the kale. I’m also wondering about a mayonnaise dressing on a salad of finely shredded kale, some onion slices and leftover turkey meat. Tuna would also work instead of turkey. Lastly there is broccoli, and here I must ask for feedback. I suspect the broccoli was affected by last Fridays frost, though I think it’s still going to be yummy. If not, please let me know.

From now on you can expect smaller boxes like today’s. I’m still trying to determine if I can provide you with the option of vegetables in lieu of your box deposit return; more on that next week.

Till then,

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