Oct. 2, 2013

Hi folks,

Within your boxes, perhaps only the Jerusalem artichokes (a.k.a. sunchokes) need explanation. These are a root of a member of the Sunflower family not at all related to the other type of artichoke, which are actually thistles. Their flavour is sweet, a cross between celery and artichoke, texture like sweet potatoes, which is to say, crunchy when raw and velvety smooth when cooked. They are very versatile, can be cooked however you like, from raw in salads (use lemon juice, they oxidize(turn brown) quickly) to boiled in their jackets served with butter and lemon, pureed into a soup–season only with salt pepper and maybe one accent flavour like cheese, hard fried mushrooms, chives–and roasted, which is what the native people did with theirs; cooking them down a long time into a sticky sweet brown mass.

Life here is crazy busy  and will be so till after Thanksgiving. Harvesting now includes collating orders for winter veggies and that means even more digging and carrying of heavy boxes. We’re thankful for each load, gifts far beyond what we’ve seen the last two (drought) years.

Thanksgiving boxes will include a large bag of greens, some sage, celery probably potatoes and parsnips. If you have special wishes phone and leave message 268 2248.   I think the peak of the harvest is now behind us. I have overfilled the boxes for a few weeks so you could enjoy the fullness of the season. After Thanksgiving we still have boxes till Nov 6th but they will start to be smaller. Salad greens are every week until we have no more in the garden,

Till next time, Titia

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