Oct. 24, 2012

Hi everyone,

I must start by saying how amazing this fall continues to be. I am taking full advantage of the mild weather to harvest as much as I can of the stuff that requires me to be on my knees. Soon that will be a very chilly position to be in. Potatoes are the main hands and knees crop to dig. I found out long ago that if I stand up, I still have to bend down to pick up every potato, which is slow and hard on the back. Much better to get down to their level. I can almost report that all potatoes are done; I have a scant 30 feet to go. And did I ever save the best for last. the Green Mountain potatoes in your boxes are the first real decent sized potatoes I’ve found. They make a fine moist mashed potato and also do a good baked potato, though these might not be quite big enough for that.

Further consequences of this warm weather is unexpected growth in some of the crops I had almost given up on. Parsnips have doubled in size since Thanksgiving, despite all I have harvested there is more and more each day. Carrots likewise are coming close to maturing (only about 3 months late) and the rest of the Chinese cabbage might actually head up after all. Salad greens have outdone themselves so we can continue to enjoy them. It sure feels nice to be ending the season in such an upbeat fashion.

Your boxes also have lo bok radish, a Chinese fall radish that can be used for salads, sandwiches, or stir frying. They should be lots bigger but the flavor is delicious. Also you get onions–green onions for small boxes, regular keeping onions for large. Again, I had hoped to have them ALL sorted and put away but there are still a few more. As I mentioned last week, I’m collating winter storage orders and finding homes for every last veggie. It’s going well, but there are sure a lot of veggies right now. So as we move into the last TWO boxes, I think I am in a position to offer you some veggies in lieu of your box deposit return, if you so wish. The critical things to remember are to make sure your bins are all returned, otherwise no box deposit return is due to you, and secondly to choose what veggies you like and let me know by next week Wednesday–either a note in your box, an email or phone call. Choices are: onions, garlic, parsnips, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes (limited) for sure, and Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, kale as possibilities. If I run out of one thing I may have to substitute another. All this will come your way, not next week, but the week after, Nov. 7, and veggies get dropped off in shopping bags for the last “box” of the season.

To finish with your boxes, you have another delicata squash. A good friend of mine likes to put this one in stews and cook long enough to let it be the thickening agent of the stew. Yum, I think I like that idea. Lastly, if you have a large box, you get baby baby bok choy. How about braising in white wine with herbs–you could just slice once vertically and pop it all in a casserole dish in oven.

Since you have to leave me a note re veg versus deposit return anyway, could you also indicate whether you are interested in next year, and whether the plan of raising the value per box to $20 and $30 is a good one?

Thanks folks, till next week,

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