October 16, 2013

Hi folks,

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was filled with wonderful food, family and friends. I got to share Thanksgiving with my brother and family and relished every moment.

Your boxes this week might look like they belong to July, not October. Fresh beans, cukes, zucchini picked today–crazy weather but it has its benefits.

bee on coneflowerThe zucchini may be of the large size, best for muffins or zucchini cake.  All three of these veggies are more misshapen than they would be in the height of the season, showing the importance of  warmth and bees to pollinate the flowers thoroughly. So as I was picking I was thinking on how bees have been in the news lately.

How can any of us have an impact on the bees, who are having a hard time because some pesticides are possibly adversely affecting them? Perhaps each time we make a choice to buy something organic, we make a small difference. It might seem like a distant connection  between our shopping and good beans and zucchinis, but there it is. The world truly is all interconnected.

potato zucchiniIt’s a brand new season in the garden. This is the time we clean up and harvest the last of everything, then replant or spread compost to be ready for next year. I have dubbed this week the week of Potatoes, hoping to get the last of them harvested and organized for winter orders, seed, and market. Once the potatoes are gone the garlic goes in and the sooner I get that done, the more relaxed I am about winter coming on. The potatoes in your boxes couldn’t be fresher–picked at 1 pm. and delivered by 3:00.  Red ones are great boiled and also good for potato salad or hash browns.

That’s all the news for this week.


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