October 23, 2013

Hi folks,

Today we really did, finally, get real frost–no more tomato picking, nixing my idea of  picking fresh tomatoes for your last box in two weeks’ time. It really did seem like the season would never end. Yesterday I actually could still have picked two or three leaves of basil, zucchinis, and cukes and tomatoes.  I have so appreciated this glorious weather; potato digging, the order of the day, is done on hands and knees and the soil has been quite comfortably warm for the job. I’m moving along quite well, have finished the huge Green Mountain potatoes, there are only 5 rows left to do. In the meantime Kaitlin and Maike have also been clearing other beds and practising their skill at making compost piles of the weeds and plant debris. After this it’s on to the garlic planting, and then this farmer, rather weary as I’m sure you can imagine, can finally relax a bit.

A little taste of a more normal pace of life came yesterday, because Rebecca, who apprenticed here about 3 years ago, came back for a little visit and I sure wasn’t going to spend the entire day working in the garden, so we had two leisurely meals together. But she was keen on doing some work and eagerly picked up a potato fork (our main garden tool) to shape a bed that had been emptied. This is the last task before winter and mostly involves scooping soil out of the path areas on either side of the bed and dumping it on the bed. Rebecca loves order and straight lines and left a glorious work of art behind.

In your boxes this week we have chinese cabbage. It stores very well in the fridge for a long time so don’t feel you have to use it all right away. Beets, some red, some yellow, still have useable tops–steam, then dress with butter and lemon. Shelling beans can be used in any soup you’re making. And salad greens–boy was I happy that the lettuce and greens survived the cold. Green onions are meant to be used for the greens, but some of the bulbs also seemed OK so we left them on–take a look and see what’s edible.

There are two boxes left, and so it’s time to think about next year. I very much appreciate some kind of sense as to whether you want to be part of the 2014 season, so leave me a note, email, or phone message. Also, it would be good to get some more members, we have only 6 right now, and that means that I am not going to make newsletters for next year;  for the amount of effort it entails for 6 people it’s not worth it. Let me know of anyone who might be interested or give them my contact info.

Till next week,


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