October 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving,

Boxes include veggies I hope can be enjoyed for your Thanksgiving feast; roasting veggies–a few beets, some parsnips, onions–rutabaga, apples and onions and sage for rutabaga casserole (puree all and add one egg, beaten, then bake with bread crumbs on top) and celery, onion and sage for dressing. If you’re going to be away for dinner instead, remember that rutabaga, which is larger, can be stored in fridge, even cut, for many weeks.

If your apples seem to have white powder on them, rest assured. This week I have been spreading lime (calcium) and discovered, while taking a break to eat one of our apples, that calcium also cleans up the apples. Who knew?? We did rinse after polishing and you can always wash again, otherwise, you get your calcium for the day just by eating the apple.

Over the last few weeks, geese have been gathering on my little pond, as many as 20. They are an excellent weather predictor to warn of frosts. I knew they would be gone on Tuesday as the weather once again shifted to the cooler side. But 4 (?the 4 that hatched here in Spring?)stayed. And sure enough, they were right, the frost was not severe enough to damage much. Believe it or not, there are still tomatoes hanging on the vines, possibly still cucumbers for Sat. market.

My thanks list is long. I’m more than grateful for this extraordinary year and late fall. Because things got going so late in Spring, we needed  more time to grow and ripen things. I’ve had great help this year–Jan, Maike, Kaitlin–we’ve had loads of fun, learned lots, and kept the place far more together than I can do on my own. I always always hold a special spot in my thankyous for you, who are supporting this farm and its endeavor to treat the earth correctly, sustainably.

Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you next week, Titia

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