July 8, 2015

Hi folks,

Well this week’s box probably takes the prize for being the smallest box ever, but then that’s what CSA is all about–rolling with the punches and being patient to wait for things to finally mature and come into season. Right now we’ve banked a nice chunk of $ for use when the garden starts producing.

Within the various forms of marketing that I do, CSA always gets first dibs on anything that is available. So if there’s not much in the boxes, that’s because there isn’t anything to harvest–yet. Lots of promise, to be sure, with baby zucchinis, blossoms on peas and tomatoes looking great, beets getting bigger every day. Plants tend to take a bit of a rest during the 4th quarter of the moon (just before new moon).

In the meantime all I can do is make sure you’re getting your leafy greens. Chard can do so many things; I consider it the summer version of spinach, and in a quiche or spanikopita it has a richer flavor than spinach. Large boxes get bok choy and our one little teaser for summer fare—a small bit of fresh basil.

Zucchs got mulched, which will keep the fruit from getting scratched up. Fall carrots are planted and rutabagas spaced. Mostly I’m a happy gardener, but always hoping the summer crops get enough warmth to move them along into harvest before the fall weather comes. Buttercup quash is not moving very quickly, for example, but we weeded and mulched it anyway.Tomorrow I’m going to unearth some beans from their weedy jungle; once the new moon is past they’ll be wanting to flower and fruit. Guess that’s all the news for now,

Till next time,

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