Sept 11, 2013

Hi folks,

Just in case you’re looking at the beans in your boxes and saying, “What!? Beans again?”….I am munching on a delicious marinated bean salad right now, which I made at least three weeks ago and have been enjoying ever since. Briefly cook beans and while warm, toss them with a liberal amount (like1/2 cup or more) cider vinegar plus enough sugar to sweeten and a bit of salt to round out the flavour. Add sliced onion and cucumber or whatever other veggie you like, season with mustard seed, hot pepper, dill, wahtever you like, put it all in a jar in the fridge. Instant good eating any time you like, plus it means you extend the shelf life of the beans.

The curly green kale is more robust than the summer kale and is great made into kale chips if you don’t use it as a side vegetable. Potatoes are Green Mountain, an excellent all purpose type, fresh dug today. In salad greens you’re in for a treat; the first fall chervil is up and has grown enough to harvest. On the flip side, lettuce is hard to find and the greens can be extended by adding some of your own.

Much of my time just now is spent preserving food for winter–pickles, canned pears, brandied plums from a friend’s orchard, tomato sauce, frozen beans and zucchini. Also this is the time to gather seeds for next year. I’m teaching Kaitlin seed saving techniques and record keeping, which is very important as many of the heritage veggies we grow are not available as seed from commercial seed houses, especially the tomatoes.

Last but not least, the weather. Yum yum yum, this warm stuff. It’s typical for hurricane season, which is what I call this time of the year. Unfortunately, hurricanes being very large powerful weather systems, they also suck cold arctic air behind them when they leave our area; giving us an ever present danger of frost. Frost just means a whole heck of a lot of work  all at once for me; I always try to save as many of the tender veggies as I can, bringing in tomatoes green and picking even the smaller beans and zucchinis. I’m not really ready to leave summer behind just yet and the longer that dreaded frost stays away, the better.

Till next time, Titia

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