Sept. 4, 2013

Hi folks,

Sorry about the lack of newsletter last week. This week we’re continuing to enjoy summer veggies and also dipping into fall with the first parsnips. I’d be interested to hear some feedback on the parsnip flavour etc. Generally they tend to get sweeter as the weather gets colder. My cooking advice is never to let them near water, always roast or fry for best taste.

The tomatoes are finally producing and I am canning every few days. They are excellent tasting this year in my opinion, and as I write this I can smell the lovely aroma emanating from the boxes to be sold at market tomorrow. All my varieties are heritage tomatoes, which means, on the one hand, more varied interesting flavours and generally more ‘punch’ than newer hybrid tomatoes, and on the other hand, that they do not store very well and are much more prone to flaws. So please keep an eye on them and use them before they deteriorate too far. My dinner last night was tomato sandwiches, for which I used an entire huge Brandywine tomato. Juicy, sweet, meaty, yum.

Beans are Kentucky Wonder which have been very popular at market this year. Despite their size I find them always tender. If you want to freeze beans, I might still be able to sell some in bulk; give me a call.

Scallopini rounds out our boxes. A very tender zucchini, baby zucc. flavour, limited shelf life. I prefer a simple sautee in garlic butter for this size. Larger sizes are suited to the now famous melange of fried apples, onions, and scallopini.
Today both Maike and Kaitlin helped out while I had to drive to Ottawa. Bok choy and mustard for salad greens got weeded, and onions harvested and tomatoes tied up where they had fallen. I hope to get more out of the fall bok choy than the spring batch, which never really did anything. After the garden work, the three of us did chores together, cleaned out a few pens and made everyone sooo comfy. It’s a beautiful thing to have a barn full of happy critters, and it’s truly a blessing to have such helpful friends who turn work into pleasure.

Please do your magic, CSA people, and keep the cold away from the tender crops for a few more weeks.

Till next week, Titia

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