Sept. 5, 2012

Hi everyone,

I had one of the special joys of the season last Friday night. The moon was full and everything was so bright I could see in colour. But the colour spectrum the moon gives is very different than what we see during the day. Somehow there is more texture to it, definitely there is an increase in the depth of colour, far more gradations of the colour green,and the interplay of shadow and light plays out more. Truly it is amazing. The best part of all is that weeds and imperfections don’t show up. Suddenly I’m harvesting in a dream garden, all perfect and such lovely patterns as you walk by the rows of different vegetables. Sometimes I think I should just bring the hammock down to the garden and never go home at all.

Most of the week, being week 4 without rain again, was a serious struggle. But what an amazing rain we had Tuesday! Granted, there have been plants that didn’t make it, but those that did are gearing up, troopers that they are. They just never seem to give up, and I try feebly to follow their example; carry on and do my work even when it’s hard to see the point in it. One day of a happy, watered garden and I’ve forgotten all about that hopeless feeling; it’s been replaced by awe at the bounty that such a small area can produce.

Also a big relief is that all the hay is now in. I buy hay, having none of my own, and somehow at least some of those hay fields saw enough rain to produce winter feed for all the animals. I’m sure you’ve heard the hay dilemma stories over the news, for some farmers it truly is overwhelmingly difficult. I feel very fortunate to have my mow full.

On to your boxes, which are pretty simple this week–small boxes with broccoli(note the heat stress in pink flower buds) and large boxes get Chinese cabbage, which is also in your salad greens. You can use it for salads, for a light style coleslaw, or else in stir fries or lightly steamed with butter.It stores very well in fridge so you can use just what you want at a time. Cucumbers: I enjoyed a nice raita this week with mine: cukes, yogourt, salt, lemon juice and dill or dill seed. These cukes are called Green Finger and are much like a small English style; thin skinned and very flavorful. Potatoes,carrots, basil round out the boxes; larger amounts for large boxes.

From now until sometime in late fall, you can expect your newsletter to arrive long after your boxes. I have to max out the daylight harvest time, and the days are getting short. Then I tend to the animals and finally, the newsletter. So thanks in advance for being patient.

I had a request for more tomatoes, and shall put them in the boxes next week. Don’t hesitate to add your voice to the decision making process. Either a note in your box, a phone call, email, whatever, and you’ll get more of what you really enjoy.

Till next week,

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